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C4L Tutoring BIB

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MODULE 1: Defining Your Tutoring Business

  • DISCOVERING THE NEED sets you up for success from DAY ONE

  • BECOMING THE SOLUTION is KEY to your longevity & growth

  • CREATING A VISION to work from empowers you and propels in massive ways

  • UNDERSTANDING YOUR MISSION will change how you show up in your business (and life).

MODULE 2: Defining Your Market

  • TRAINING THE NEED, your ideal client/students, to come to you.

  • MASTERING THE ART OF FOCUSING your talents & skills in a single area so that you become known as the GO-TO-PERSON.

  • UNDERSTANDING NEEDS & being the solution and able to communicate, with ease, how you can best serve.

  • DISCOVERING 1-on-1 and GROUP TUTORING, plus how grouping students can improve your results while adding to your bottom line.


MODULE 3: Finding & Registering Your First Client

  • KNOWING WHAT TO SAY to a potential parent/student and closing them every time. 

  • RECRUITING TEACHERS so they send students in need your way.

  • HOW TO BECOME RECOMMENDED like a Rockstar.

  • WHERE TO FIND students you can best serve.

  • EXACT WORDS TO SAY to anyone you meet to get the word out about your services.

  • WHAT NOT TO DO in conversation.

  • WHEN TO SAY NO to a client.

  • SETTING TIME BOUNDARIES with your students and parents.

  • CREATING BUSINESS BOUNDARIES that will set you up for growth and success.


  • THE ART OF THE WAITING LIST which you will have for your services.

The Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box™ LIVE COACHING Program



MODULE 4: What to Teach & What To Charge

Module 4
  • LEARNING WHAT TO TEACH and when to add additional options.

  • WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED and what never to buy.

  • HOW TO TRAIN STUDENTS & parents to bring curriculum need for each appointment.

  • WHAT RESOURCES are best.

  • WHERE NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME and resources.

  • KEEPING YOUR OVERHEAD LOW and avoiding costly errors. 

  • WHEN TO CHARGE HOURLY and when to introduce package rates.

  • USING PACKAGES to train students/parents to be on time.


  • DISCOVER THE FORMS and ready-made-system you can rock straight away.

MODULE 5: Being A Professional Not A Hobbyist

Module 5
  • MINDSET TRAINING around moving from employee to entrepreneur (with grace and skill)

  • SIMPLE SYSTEMS to be professional but not add to your workload.

  • THE BIZ OF BEING IN BUSINESS with taxes, licenses, accounts, liability insurance & more.

  • YOUR BRANDING, BIZ NAME, LOGO - What to worry about and what’s a time-money suck!

  • BEING ACCOUNTABLE to your students, parents and their teachers

  • HOW TO TRAIN YOUR STUDENTS to be accountable.


  • BUILDING A BRIDGE between you and local schools, clubs - the community.

  • CREATING A BUSINESS not a job.

MODULE 6: Building A Business On Referrals

Module 6
  • HOW TO GET REFERRALS and why they are so important. 

  • CREATE AN ARMY OF RAVING STUDENTS, dedicated parents, and eager supporters (teachers) who talk about you and your services (for free)!

  • BUILDING YOUR BRAND fast and knowing what your brand is and isn’t.

  • HOW TO ADVERTISE FOR FREE and when to spend money.

  • WHY GROWING on a small budget is best.

  • 7 WAYS TO ADVERTISE your business for no money.

  • LEARN HOW TO KEEP TRACK of your successes and how that can bring you to 6-figures.

  • FOLLOW-UP FORMULA for awesome referrals will skyrocket your growth and keep you in people’s minds. 

  • 3 INGREDIENTS NEEDED to build a referral army.

Plus, Bi-Weekly BONUS Group Laser-Coaching Calls
AND Fabulous Bonuses That Will Make Your Booty Shake!



You’ll Be The First In The Know


Imagine easily creating testimonials like these

And becoming a person of influence
in your community…
One people recommend daily…

Making Learning Fun...

“Our son was struggling with word pronunciation and certain sounds and was behind his peers in reading. Jill worked diligently with him and made learning fun for him. The progress he made was readily evident and he is doing very well in school.” 

– Al, Parent

Lightbulb Moment...

“I never understood math until one day I overheard you in the bookstore, tutoring one of your students in Algebra, and it clicked. I was just eavesdropping AND I got it! I called my mother that night and told her. I was so excited and I’ve been out of school for twenty-plus years.” 

– Nan, By-Stander

Restoring Confidence…

“My son was so lost before your help, Jill. I could see him becoming less and less confident in all subjects, not just math and it was heartbreaking. He no longer trusted himself. Now, thanks to just a few sessions with you, he’s interested in learning again. He doesn’t feel stupid. I can see the change in him and it brings tears to my eyes. Will be tutoring with you for years to come! Thank you.”

– Barb, Parent

* The Bi-Weekly Bonus Calls mentioned above are offered in the LIVE version of BIB. The Homeschool version offers previously recorded live calls.

* BIB Live also includes a Welcome Call that I've been told, is Priceless! The Homeschool version offers this Welcome Call previously recorded and just as fab!

* You get LIVE access to me bi-weekly for 60+ minutes of on-point instruction, examples and laser-focused coaching to get your Qs answered.

I’m Looking For 100 Success Stories
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Karena B, BIB Rockstar Grad

Karena B, BIB Rockstar Grad

Kimberly M, BIB Rockstar Grad

Kimberly M, BIB Rockstar Grad

Emily G, BIB Rockstar Grad

Emily G, BIB Rockstar Grad

Will you be one...?

The Center 4 Learning
Tutoring Business In a Box™

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A Tutoring Business Blueprint In A Box…

Would you like to know, step-by-step, how to earn a 6-figure income teaching children or adults something you already know or something they simply need guidance in – like homework help, math or reading?

What about a step-by-step blueprint for starting a business from nothing

A business where you simply fill a pressing need in your community that will also allow you to fulfill your own goals and dreams…

  • If you have a desire to help children…

  • If you have a gift with adults who need to learn something to better themselves…

  • If you have a desire to share knowledge but don’t know how…

  • If you are fed-up with the educational system in this country…or in any country…

  • If you are looking for a way to earn a better living yourself…

  • If you are ready to open up your dream-circle and live a life rich in relationships and financial wealth…

  • If you are ready to start your own business, with a helping hand…

Group Learning

Then it’s time to join me and learn

  • Step-by-step how to start a 6-figure business doing what you love in less time and with less stress

  • Success strategies for an ever-changing world economy

  • How to obtain your first client and successfully build a referral based business from your own home, automobile or local bookstore/coffee shop

  • Tools to becoming a power of influence in your community

Happy guy
  • Tricks to helping your clients (students) become self-motivated learners

  • How to speak to parents and clients, ease fears and frustrations, while getting everyone on board

  • The MINDSET that will enable you to reach 6-figures and start living the life of your dreams!

  • And More…

The Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box™ LIVE COACHING Program


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