[52 Life Lessons] #4 Journaling should be a life requirement

I’ve already mentioned how important writing your thoughts down will be during these 52 Life Lessons. But writing or journaling is point blank the best thing you can do for yourself.

Seriously, I sound like a broken record and yes, I am also naturally a writer, so you might be thinking Yeah, this is easy for her.

But it’s not.

Not always.

Writing a story or an article is one thing. For me, that's easier than writing in my journal or even writing a letter to someone.

Writing down truth on paper, about myself, that’s hard. And eye opening.

But also so flipping rewarding because it’s RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. The words, the truth and our brains are somehow able to process what's needed when it's out of your head and in front of you.

There’s something powerful in pulling intangible thoughts down on paper that suddenly makes them incredibly tangible - touchable.

And within reach.

So, let’s get our journaling on this week.

Now, this isn't just any kind of journaling. This is an I AM Journaling Method that will rock your world.

Yep! I said it and you can quote me.

It’s a way of showing up, on paper and in the world, as though what you wrote has already happened.

This isn’t a new idea.

But this one idea, when you look back in 49 weeks (minus the three weeks you’ve already invested in 52 Life Lessons), this one practice, when implemented, WILL CHANGE YOUR FLIPPING LIFE.

Hold me to it.

In fact, at the end of this program, I want you to send me your SELF REVIEW of 52 Life Lessons and the impact it’s had on your life.

But specifically, the impact this one practice, I AM Journaling, has had in your life.

I’ll email you a link to the Self Review on Week 53, so don’t worry, but calendar a note to yourself in your iCal or desk planner or Google Cal right now.


When you start writing WHO you are BEING as though you already ARE… well, your life changes.

When you start to write WHAT you are DOING as though IT ALREADY IS, well hold on because life gets seriously Fun (with a capital F)!  

When you start writing the things, feelings or experiences you want in your life AS THOUGH THEY ALREADY TOOK PLACE…it’s a done deal.

Because it is.

But here’s the other deal. Those who actually do this practice, review what they started to write AS THOUGH IT ALREADY IS, are amazed by what they find.

We forget, naturally, what we wrote a month ago, a week ago, two days ago.

We, humans, have the attention span of a goldfish. Less than 8 seconds. Literally.

But when you read back over past journals, suddenly you will start to SEE your current life in your PAST words. And that’s amazing, cool and exciting.

So, start today by journaling what you want to show up in your life over the next year, how you want to feel and who you want to be and write from a place of it’s already in existence - as if it ALREADY IS.

Even if it sounds a bit woo-woo, literally you have nothing to lose!

Then make a date with yourself 30 days from today to re-read your entrees… you might just be blown away.

You might be so blown away by what IS now in your life, things that match what you wrote in your journal, that you start to review your journal at the end of each week.

Make writing your thoughts this way a practice. Make thinking this way your new art. Make reviewing your I AM Journal every 30 days your new way of being. 

I AM Journaling should be taught when kids can first write.

It should be as routine as brushing our teeth.

So make it your new addiction!

Because this way of showing up, thinking and being raises the bar and makes life so much FUN.

And life should be fun.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re dying for an example. So here it is. 

As I created this series, I wrote in my journal

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The words I write heal broken hearts.

Even better... The words I have written have healed broken hearts around the globe and given hope, smiles and a new lease on life to those who thought all was lost.

I AM living the dream of …(insert your dream here and the more specific you are the better!)

And one more for the road…

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