[52 Life Lessons] #8 My Mantra...What I tell myself

The best thing I can share with you, as we dive into our second month together, is my personal mantra.

A mantra I just started this year, at the time of writing these 52 Life Lessons and it all stemmed from an amazing book I read.

A book I’ll share below.

My new mantra is simple. It’s three words. It’s powerful. And it’s life-changing.

I Love Myself.

That’s it.

That’s what I say (internally) at every moment of every day.

I Love Myself.

To love yourself is the very best gift you can give - to you and to others. When you love, you radiate. When you are in love, you shine, you glow.

When you come across a person who’s in love - you’ve seen it - that effortless joy that adds a spring in their step, a gleam to their eye, a flush to their cheeks and warmth that draws you in.

That feeling.
 That vibration.

That BEing-ness can be your norm…

Is your normal setting when you start saying and slowly start believing these three words.

I Love Myself.

Embody that feeling of being in love - and start today by loving yourself.

Need a bit of help? Feel it’s silly? I understand… I felt silly saying it over and over… but now, now I am forever mumbling those three words to myself, under my breath, in my head.

When I bake.

When I meditate.

When I write.

When I drive.

When I walk.

When I work.

When I kiss my Frenchman…

When I’m falling asleep…
When I wake up, before even opening my eyes...

And the shift in my life… my health… my BEing-ness.

Well, that’s article worthy.

Want me to share?

First, grab the book that started it all for me. It’s an hour read (literally) and has the power to transform your world, as it did mine.

Then post a comment below and tell me, “Jill, I want to hear how these three words changed your life.”

If you’re truly interested, I’ll write my journey down and publish it here for you to read, experience, enjoy and perhaps learn from.

Remember, learn something today you can share with someone tomorrow.

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