Dear Clever Sally - Sarcastic Math Teacher

Dear Education Lady,

My math teacher keeps making sarcastic comments towards me. How should I deal with this?

She asked everyone if they understood then singled me out and said “Sally, do you get it? Because you’re so clever.”

Dear Clever Sally,

It’s funny how sometimes adults can be more childish than children, right? First, you’re doing the right thing in asking and hopefully, not reacting. You may have heard the saying “Fuel fuels the fire.”

Well, congrats Sally. You are clever because you resisted the human impulse to react. Your best weapon, seriously, is to let it go.

Stop caring about what other people say or do to you.

Now that’s not to say you don’t respect her by rolling your eyes or talking back, as some may try and read between the lines here, and assume I’m saying. Not at all.

Adults, elders, anyone older than you and even those younger deserve respect. In fact, even your peers deserve respect.

So, here’s another cliché saying, “Treat others how you wish to be treated.”

If you smile and say, “Yes, thanks, Mrs. So-And-So, I do understand.” This deflates her sarcasm and makes you the better person.

Not better than her.

Simply better than reacting to a situation.

While it’s not about being better than another, it is about getting your priorities straight. You can do this by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Does this teacher (or coach or friend or adult) have something you want?

Now I’m not talking about the latest duds, designer purse or sports car. Although hey, those things can be great motivation until you discover your own vision in life.

What I’m really saying is this – Do you want to be like this teacher? Do you admire the way this teacher communicates? Does her job? Lives her life? Talks with others?

Hmm, I’d say not.

So, why care too much about how she talks to you and instead focus on doing what you need to do in her class, move on and learn from someone you admire?

Learn math from her, but learn real skills from someone who gets them.

Seek out a teacher, adult or peer who has amazing communication skills, puts others first, always listens, never interrupts others and really actually hears what you have to say.

Then learn from that person. Model that person. Absorb that message.

Not the negativity from your math class.

What you focus on you get more of.

What you focus on you become good at.

So, if you want to focus on this sarcastic teacher’s comments, watch out! You might develop a bit of sarcasm yourself.

Clever Sally, normally when people pick on you, it’s because they see something in you that reminds them of themselves.

This teacher might really be a friend in hiding.

Or she might be a lady simply having a bad day, semester or year.

Always see a mirror between you and those who toss words at you. This teacher is holding up a mirror and really speaking these words to herself, about herself.

Right now, she’s someone who picks on a student, you, but through your silence, may just turn into your biggest cheerleader, supporter and greatest teacher. Or not.

Either way, be true to you.

Focus on what’s important to you.

Did this help you, Clever Sally? Or fabulous reader? Keep the conversation going and post a comment below about how this helped you.

And seriously, find someone who has what you want and learn from them while ignoring those who you do not wish to model.

Keep being clever, girl.

Webster defines clever as “quick to understand, learn, devise or apply ideas: intelligent.”

I kind of like that.

So find it in you to thank someone for such a compliment even if the delivery leaves a bit to be desired.

Personally, I think you rock.

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