When It Feels Like No One’s Listening… I am…

This was one of the things that I’ve been told made me a great teacher in and out of the classroom.

I listen.

Elena, an amazing 18-year old I once worked with, told me that most adults don’t even see her, acknowledge her, let alone talk to her.

She went on to add that the fact that I smiled at her meant everything. Then the fact that I talked with her and listened...well, that brought her to tears…

...Which brought me to tears!

We all need to be listened to but not only that - heard.

And that’s why I have decided to run with a mind-project I’ve had for years.

[Definition of mind-project: that annoying thought of an idea that sits on the back burner of your mind and always manages to worm its way back into your conscious thought until you up and do something about it!]

It’s called Dear Education Lady.

And the concept is quite simple. For those of you more advanced in wisdom (ie years), you might remember something called Dear Abby.

Well, Dear Abby is a column started in 1956 by Abigail Van Buren, aka Pauline Phillips in real life, and is now continued on by her daughter, Jeanne Phillips. It first appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle and was syndicated nationwide within a matter of weeks.

Basically, Dear Abby spread like a viral video, and in those days, that was not so one-click-upload easy.

While I didn’t read the column, nor the Ann Landers one, which interestingly enough was taken over in 1943 by Dear Abby’s twin, Eppie Lederer, causing a long-time riff between the sisters, I always loved the idea behind it.

Behind the advice column, not the riff!

Hence, Dear Education.

A place to

  • ASK whatever comes to mind

  • RECEIVE real answers free of judgment

  • DISCOVER communication strategies to use with everyone!

  • LEARN how to talk easily with your parents/teachers and be heard

  • HEAR what parents/teachers are really thinking

  • UNDERSTAND your unique strengths and personality

And so much more.

Basically, in two sentences Dear Education Lady can be summed up in...

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers.

Or you could get your answers from gossip rags, TMZ and [gasp] the Kardashians.

Look, I’m no one special, but I do have a heart for the next generation, the current generation and people in general.

And I have a gift...with words, with my ability to listen and my desire to truly hear.

The first installment of Dear Education Lady is yours to read now.

I dive in with Clever Sally who’s math teacher keeps making sarcastic comments and she’s at a loss as to what to do about it.

And if you have a Q that you want an A to, well, give me a shout.

Leave a comment below with your Q or use our nifty Dear Education Lady form and who knows, you might just be the next Dear Education Lady “A” we publish.

And if you like the idea, heart this post, consider sharing it and give some feedback on your thoughts by scrolling down.

One last thing. If I had to come up with a slogan for DEL, Dear Education Lady for short, it would be:

Discover. Encourage. Love.

If you need to discover something or know someone who does…
If you desire encouragement and not judgment or know someone who does…
If you could use more love in your life or know someone who does...

And want answers from the heart, well I’ve got your back.

And that’s a wrap, friend.

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Education Lady | Jill Stevens

Educator. Writer. Life Long Learner. Jill has a passion to help the next generation and improve learning across the board. She’s here to change the world, one mind at a time. Right now she does that through words with purpose and by training up remarkable, rockstar tutors.