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Hey you, I'm Jill

Welcome to the Home of Education Lady
I'm thrilled you're here.

The goal of is to start making a difference and change the world, one mind at a time...minus all the dang busywork.

The Beginning

In 2001, after less than a full year as a teacher, with just one after-school student, an idea was born. That idea was the Center 4 Learning.

The Center 4 Learning grew into a mobile tutoring business – as in me in my bright, yellow VW Beetle with signage in every window. It was hard to miss me.

There were write-ups in the local paper, radio shows, and a few well-placed (free) advertisements. And the Center 4 Learning was born.

To date, the Center 4 Learning has helped over 6,792 students locally. And now, thanks to this site, we’re online too, helping thousands more each year. So watch out!

The Center 4 Learning’s mission has always been simple – “Learning never ends, it simply gets better.”

And me, well, I’m on a mission to bring the FUN back to fundamental learning skills.

And the Center 4 Learning was the perfect outlet to enable me to help children, parents, and other life-long learners who wish to make a difference.

The Woman Behind Education Lady
My name is Jill R. Stevens and I’m also known as the Education Lady.

I’m fit. I’m flirty. I’m fabulous. And I teach other teachers, parents, and students how to be the same.

Now, is that how most teachers you know would describe themselves?

Probably not, and I’m okay with that.

Look, who do you want teaching your children?

Someone who’s uptight, miserable, broke and damaged? Someone jaded, with the world and teaching? Or someone excited for each new day, youthful, joyous and a bit of a smarty-pants?

Someone who doesn’t give up, is constantly learning new things and reaching for new heights – always – while finding ways to bless others and take them along for the ride, until they discover their own path to success.

Well, whether I’m your ideal teacher or not, this is the real, 100% me.

I’m a bit loud, a lot fun and when on caffeine (not always a good thing) a bit fast-talking, bubbly, and down-right hysterical.

I’m married, yep, to an awesome Frenchman who treats me like the finest of aged, red wines – although I’m really not that aged! (I prefer mature. And worldly! And yes, in this picture more blonde than red… I like change.)

He has two teenagers whom I’ve had the pleasure, privilege and, I kid you not, horror, to help raise. Come on now, being a step-monster-mother includes hair-pulling moments!

As does bio-mother-hood...

Speaking of which, I had 52 thoughts on the subject of raising kids from a teacher's perspective that you might just enjoy reading. Check out the blog for those.

My Why

The reason I’m here, the reason I was put on this earth, is to teach, to educate and to serve others so they can be their very best. One way is through Education Lady. I am here to help you create the impact you desire in the world - through tutoring. Through a new, better way of teaching and some out-of-the-box thinking.

Yep, I don’t just educate the youth. I teach those interested what’s worked so that they can become free, joyful and get back to the basics of educating starting rockstar, rewarding and impactful tutoring businesses.

I am proud to say I have been able to do this through my two passions.

Writing & Teaching

The first of two things I absolutely love and started doing in elementary school – writing.

My first 100-page story was written in the 6th grade. I remember how I made my teacher wait while I finished my story on the very last line of page 100. I can still remember how her eyes widened, in what I now know was horror, as she realized she had to read every last page (in order to be a good teacher)!

Well, I still write 100 pages rather easily, but now I gear them toward serving awesome people like you.

My first Education Lady endeavor is below (title is all the intro needed). <drumroll>

A Free Audio Class On
How To Start A Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business

If you're interested in the possibility of making a difference tutoring, while also earning good money, be sure to check out the audio class right now.

Taking My Message A Virtual Step Further

In June of 2012, I developed, sold and launched an online class within 10 days. I know, crazy right?! An awesome mentor gave me a swift kick in my behind and it turned out to be the best thing ever.

Literally, the "time was now" so I did it. And it was amazing. Twenty-five amazing people enrolled and rocked that messy, bumpy online class out of the park. We had a blast. And I've gone on to enroll, encourage and teach hundreds of others with The Education Lady Tutoring Business In a Box program.

That course is my online teaching debut and has been nicknamed BIB, which is short guessed it, "Business In a Box".

You can discover more about that awesome program right now by joining my free masterclass.

Get In On What’s Up…dates

I know you’re busy but I want to encourage you, through this site, to let go of busywork and focus on what I call “learning simplified.”


Look, you could be anywhere, on any site or doing anything you desire – such as a bubble bath or watching a 24-hour marathon on Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy or How To Get Away With Murder. (Love me some Shonda!)

Or chilling out with CNN or Sports Center.

I appreciate that you are here instead.

I want to help serve you to the best of my ability and this is who I serve best:

If you

  • want to start a tutoring business – you are in the right place.
  • want to grow your tutoring business – you are in the right place.
  • desire to help raise up children who want to learn and enjoy the process – you are in the right place.
  • think education is broken and want some solutions – you are in the right place.
  • homeschool and need some ideas or recommendations – you are in the right place.
  • are a student and want to discover how to “hack” learning and not just do what everyone else is doing – then you are in the right place!
  • are a teacher and you’re tired of the direction the system is headed – you are SO in the right place.
  • are a parent and just want to discover how to find a tutor for your kid – you are in the right place.
  • are a step-parent and need to read a few ‘pulling-hair-out-in-clumps’ stories while learning how to cope without killing the kids or your marriage – you are in the right place.

I could go on but I think you get the gist of it.

Your Assignment
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And if you want more about how I literally started tutoring, in a subject I all but failed, check out this fun read today.


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