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How To Start A Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business

Do you ever dream of making a difference in children's lives?

Do you wonder what it would look like to clock your own hours and take time off when YOU desired?

Do you not think it's possible to make a good, even great, living tutoring - part time?

Welcome To A Fresh Perspective on one of the most rewarding things you can do - tutoring!

My name is Jill Stevens, also known as the Education Lady, and for more than a decade I have run a successful 6-figure tutoring business on a part time schedule.

This has given me the freedom to travel, to enjoy family, to meet and marry my French husband and to now home school not just his son (who became a private pilot at 16!) but also his daughter, our little artist.

Whether you're retired from teaching, but want to keep doing what you love; supplement your income current salary; stay home with your own kids yet earn some money to help your single income home; or simply make a difference in a child's life, tutoring is an awesome way to make that happen.

And nope, you don't need to be a teacher or have a degree to do it.

In fact, you don't need to know a thing about running a business or even how to teach someone something.

I can show you all that right here and right now - in this free series.

Here's what you receive:

  • Full access 24/7/365 to five awesome audios
  • Bullet pointed below each audio to showcase topics as they come up in the teachings
  • Assignments to lead you into a habit of taking massive action on what you learn
  • Topics include:
    • Where to find students
    • How to discover the "in-demand" tutoring needs in your area
    • What to teach students
    • What to do the first five minute of each tutoring session (with new and with ongoing students)
    • How becoming and influencer in your area will garner you more students than you can handle
    • How to become an influencer
    • Discovering parent and student "pain points" and how to easily solve them
    • The power of decisions and beliefs
    • Knowing when you are officially in business
    • Understanding what not to focus on when starting your tutoring business and why
    • The only things that matter as you get started
    • Why you don't need to be a teach or have a teaching degree to get started a a tutoring and rock it out
    • Plus, so much more!
      • Including a few scripts
      • And links to additional reference materials to help you succeed today
  • Plus, the ability to share, leave comments and ask questions directly within each audio lesson for maximum impact
    • (And I read comments too! And respond often.)

If you value learning and want to be proactive and start a tutoring business the smart way, then you'll love "How To Start A Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business"

  • This program guides you through what is really important and what are "business decisions" that simply make you FEEL like you are working when in fact, you're wasting time and energy
  • These audios share with you exactly what to do NOW to get starting tutoring
  • Through stories and sharing, Jill tells you what she did right and what she did wrong in the hopes that you eliminate all her mistakes get to what's proven to work
  • If you use the material inside this free program, you literally have the ability to spend less money, time, and energy on all things that simply don't matter and dive right int getting your first, second and third students so you can do what every business must do to survive - make money!

This class is definitely NOT for you if ...

  • You aren't interested in tutoring, helping the next generation or earning some extra money
  • You don't like kids or people very much
  • You'd rather figure it out on your own
  • If this is you ... then you won't like my style or the content of this program
    (and that's totally ok!)

If you want to

  • Make a difference
  • Make more money this year
  • Work part time
  • Set your own schedule
  • Have time with your own family
  • Get on with that bucket list of travel you keep putting off
  • Pay off those credit cards or student loan debt
  • Possibly leave a 'day-job'
  • Help kids of all ages or adults at any age
  • And have fun!

Join me on the inside of this Free Program and you could start tutoring within the next 24 hours!

Seriously :)

xo - Your Education Lady

How To Start A Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business

A fun, informative, listen-on-the-go, audio series for the individual who wants to make a different, while earning good money, by tutoring in a subject they can easily share. This series shares how to find and enroll students starting today. Plus, it includes specifics on how to actually tutor so that students return, parents refer and your new business grows!



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