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Discover How I Quit
My Teaching Job, 
Started A New
Business And Immediately
My Income…

While Having More Fun,
Making A Huge Impact In Children’s Lives
And Experiencing Greater Time Freedom
Doing What I Loved...

And How You Can Too!


Imagine if you were handed a blueprint…in a virtual box,
that showed you the step-by-step pathway
to earning 6-figures, from your home, local bookstore
or car… by simply teaching others what you already know.

That’s what I’m showing only 100 people how to do this year – and do amazingly well.

Hi Rockstar! I’m Jill Stevens…

You might know me as the Education Lady or simply as Jill, the redhead (more strawberry blonde now) who loves to pose for the camera, write stories, coach and tutor kids. But that wasn’t always the case. More than a decade ago, in-between writing novels, I entered the world of education with an unrelated degree. I had absolutely no teaching experience yet was handed the keys to a run-down, beat-up classroom in the Florida Keys.   

I remember the feeling of excitement, fear and sudden overwhelm that came with my new job.   

My first year, I was awarded the prestigious Best New Teacher Award and recognized district wide. My second year, I was handed a pink slip.  

I was picked up at another school closer to my island home, yet working for someone else, even a school district, was never my life plan.   

I’d always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Doing what? I had no clue. 

Until I saw the incredible need of students and parents while teaching in the classroom.

Until I became increasingly frustrated with a system that was leaving so many kids behind.   

While I had no idea what I would do, I knew anything would be better than working in a system that was year-after-year tying my hands and stripping me of my passion for educating kids – so, four and a half years in, I quit.

My peers were horrified that I left the security of a bi-monthly paycheck of $1,100, health insurance coverage and a (not-so) guaranteed pension plan (after 30 years, of course!). 

It wasn’t long before parents and students tracked me down asking for help. It took less than one month for my income to double, while working less than half the hours I’d put in as a teacher. 

What was I doing…? Tutoring.

Instead of stressing over money, bills and the frustrations of a J.O.B., I helped children three to four days a week. I enjoyed long weekends every weekend, traveling and island hopping while building myself a successful business. 

A business that quickly turned into 6-Figures and a ton of fun.

Stop Lady

The Sad State Of Education
Is Going To Make You
A Secret Weapon In Your Community And Put Money In Your Bank Account

Let’s face it, friend, education in this country and even around the world, is in need of a major overhaul.

I, for one, didn’t like how the system treated me or my students when I was in it. 

Truth is we are ALL educators.  

Hey, even if you’re not a teacher, you CAN educate! And you probably do on a daily basis. You simply don’t give what you do a title.  

In fact, let’s just clear this up now – teaching is a WIDE OPEN field and having a teaching degree, in my professional, humble and personal opinion does not make you an educator.  

Teachers are undervalued, underpaid and overworked.  

Students have access now to curriculum that is not grooming them up for success but instead dumbing them down - the “traditional” system. 

Pay-cuts, pink-slips and teaching to the test are the new norm. And to be frank, that sucks.  

Teachers are wondering how they will ever afford to retire as their benefit packages are being slashed 3%, 9% even 17% in some areas around the country. And tenure, or job security, ha….that’s now a thing of the past…   

Other industries are feeling similar pain as budget cuts are forcing people into early, unaffordable retirement.  

But you’ll never have this problem because your income will grow and last as long as you choose.  (You weren’t planning to rely on your pension, 401K or live off of social security benefits, were you?)

DaniJohnson-Photo-3-circle copy.jpg

High Praise From ABC's Secret Millionaire, Dani Johnson

"If you do what Jill is doing, meaning, you use the concept. Number one, find a need. In the case, the need had to do with parents wanting the best education for their child. Number two, you fill the need. I would be the first person to hire a Jill Stevens!"

Dani Johnson, ABC’s Secret Millionaire
From Dani’s Free Monday Night Strategy Call, Simple Business Ideas To Explode Your Income, June 11th Interview with Jill

Why I Started A New Business – Tutoring

I wanted the freedom to make more money, travel when I wanted to and not be tied to a bell schedule (or 9 to 5 like so many) even with summers off.

As a teacher, I never took a summer entirely off. I couldn’t afford to!

I saw an overwhelming need in students, incredible frustration in parents who desperately wanted to help their child but didn’t know how and an inability for teachers to meet every single student’s need in the classroom while following state mandates and being forced to teach to a test. 

Long story short, I was in business immediately. My bright yellow VW New Beetle, signs plastered on it, was my mobile office and the Center 4 Learning tutoring business was born.

Why a Tutoring Business?

Well, honestly, why not? Where there is a need, there is a way to become unusually successful.

And you don’t have to be a certified, in-debt-with-college-loans teacher, holding numerous degrees, to begin tutoring! 

The one and only requirement needed – Passion! 

Passion around a topic or being passionate about helping children succeed. If you qualify, please keep reading because there is a NEED out there that can double, even triple, your current income quickly. 

I can and will show you how to tap into exactly what I saw all around me. 

And I bet in your community there is a STAGGERING need for

    • Applications & College Essays
    • Resume Writing
    • Computer Training (from basic to advanced)
    • State Testing Preparation – the DEMAND is HUGE!
    • Stay-at-Home-Moms Who’ve Been Raising Up Children, suddenly going back to school after a decade or two away – freaking out over testing and math credits
    • And so much more…
    • Basic Math Help
    • Homework Help
    • Algebra, Geometry & Higher Math Skills
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Writing
    • Study Skills
    • Organizational Skills
    • Time Management Skills
    • Etiquette & Manners
    • College Test Preparation
      Mom and Son

      And did you know in this country more and more families are turning to homeshooling as an alternative to public and even private education.

      The US Census Bureau reported recently that more than 1.5 million children are being homeschooled every year. That’s 3% of American students nationwide, yet that number is expected to drastically increase given current trends.

      Plus, I personally think there are a lot more homeschooling families given my experience in the Florida Keys (a small community), Miami (a rather large homeschool population) and online consulting with families around the nation. 

      Let’s face it. Parents are fed up with the state of education. Children are stressing at a younger and younger age over testing while peer pressure, bullying and downright meanness in the classroom are making some parents wonder – is this the best place for my child? 

      We have yet to see what the homeschool population will become. However, know that it is on the rise and the stigma once attached to it is rapidly fading away.

      That said, there’s an additional population of HOMESCHOOLING children whose needs include (just to name a few)…

      • Field Trips

      • Enrichment like Music & Art

      • Yearly Evaluations

      • Graduation Events

      • And Even More...!

      • Assistance with Lesson Planning for the School Year

      • Supervision of Lessons and Work

      • Accountability Needs for Grading, Portfolios and Testing

      • Socialization with Group Learning

      • Group Activities Not Related to Curriculum

      • Leadership Development

      • And So Much More...

      Really, I could go on and on…because the need is so great. 

      All you have to do is stop, look around and go beneath the surface to see parents and children are crying out for help.


      Kimberly M

      “[BIB] gave me the foundation I needed to start my tutoring business. 

      I have referred to my binder of notes many times to remember what you told us to do in certain situations.  I really could go on and on about how much BIB meant to me. And yes, I am still tutoring!  And loving it!  I believe I am five years in.

      Last year, I had a full schedule from Monday-Thursday 4-7 pm and had to open up Saturday morning!

      This year, I am keeping it to just Mon-Thurs 4-7 pm and have a waiting list.

      And from Sept. to Dec. I am also helping a home schooling family of 5 transition from the school system to home schooling. They come Mon-Thursday 9-1 to do their home school with us.  They are grades 6, 5, 3, 1, K.  This has been so much fun and [helped me] continue learning and refining my tutoring skills!  I love that!” 

      – Kimberly M, BIB Rockstar Grad


      Get Praise Like This….


      "You heard what Jill Stevens said. Let go of the fear, find a need and fill it. 

      She started with what was in front of her. 

      She had access to kids… and thought, I think I can make money at this. And started making money…

      Then thought, Well, I’ve got too many kids. Coffee-shop-bookstore? 

      Grew out of that. Alright, come to my house….

      You can take whatever it is you are good at and you can use that same idea/structure."

      - Dani Johnson, ABC’s Secret Millionaire star


      Who Can Be A Tutor?

      You may be thinking you need to be accredited or a certified teacher in order to tutor.

      It’s just not true.

      As I touched on briefly before, most of us are natural born teachers in some subject or area. 

      Personally, I love high school age students and yet have a girlfriend who’d rather be in a classroom of 3rd graders all day. I think I’d last 30 minutes. 

      We all have gifts and if being a tutor doesn’t sound quite right think of this as a CONSULTING opportunity. 

      For really, that’s what tutoring is!

      So think for a moment on your own qualifications and what you are good at.

      • Could you sit with a five year old and do math for one hour two or three times a week? 

      • Are you a nut about music or art and could teach someone how to play an instrument or carry a tune or use oils on canvas?

      I have met homeschooling mothers like my girlfriend, Londa, who’s more qualified to teach than a lot of public or private school teachers I know. 


      She gets results, she’s groomed her children up to be responsible, accountable, dependable and intelligent thinkers who honor their siblings and their parents.

      If your jaw is hanging open, it’s okay… mine was too!  

      Imagine if every teacher in every classroom taught with that in mind.  

      Hey, teach, before you get upset with me, I get it. I was in the classroom too… and 25 kids all at once is not an easy gig day-after-day.  

      In fact, the entire system is set up to fail children… much like the first year of medical school or any officer training program. 

      The goal is to weed out the weak.  

      Yet, in public education… that’s unacceptable in my book.

      And That’s Where You
      – A New Tutoring Business Owner –
      Come In

      You see you have the power to not only help a child with homework or to dive into art or to discover the joy of writing, you have a chance to listen and really hear what that tween or teen is sharing with you.

      And they will share. Everything!  

      Because no one else is listening! And you can help transform their lives.



      Starting a tutoring business is the perfect side income for you. 

      Having your own tutoring business is a way to get out of teaching in the public school system all together, if that’s your end goal. 

      And if you’re like so many and burnt out by the educational system, which year-after-year ties your hands, reduces your benefits and steals your pension then tutoring is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for!



      Who were teachers or have mastered a skill in a subject as a professional. 

      Or maybe have a love of something like history, art, music or enjoy showing others how to play the piano. Perhaps a foreign language…

      This is a WIN for you because there is a steady flow of cash coming into your account. 

      Plus, tutoring is a WIN for those children and even adults who want to learn what you know.

      Homeschooling Parents


      This is such a perfect fit and will benefit you and your own children, plus help other parents who are lacking in time freedom

      The service you can provide as a private tutor or homeschool specialist in your community is unlimited! 

      You’ve made a decision to homeschool your own children, so why not help other parents, who will actually pay you to tutor and oversee the homeschooling needs of their kids…at the same time you work with your own children?!

      This is a huge win-win!

      College Students

      College Student

      Don’t be stupid (yep, I said it) and go into debt to finance your education, even to make your parents happy. 

      Why not start your own tutoring business and pay your way through college?! 

      College students who become tutors actually make money while in school and can come out with a degree and a fat bank account! 

      Not a pile o’ debt! Now that’s what I call SMART!

      Tutoring Isn’t Just About Teaching Kids

      Now, the focus of my tutoring center happens to be 85% children, teens and college age students, yet there is another 15% unaccounted for. That is my percentage of adult clients.

      You see, adults often need to learn new skills. In fact, most adults should constantly be learning valuable new skills to add to abilities in the marketplace. And that’s where you come in! 


      Look, your gifting might NOT be with kids – and that’s cool.

      Maybe you like college kids or maybe you only deal well with adults. The point is, everyone needs to learn at some point and your tutoring center can serve ANYONE you so desire to teach.

      Do you know computers? Well, I know a bunch of people who’d love to learn how to email their grandkids and download music.

      In fact, my oldest client was an 84 year old retired police officer from New York City. He wanted to Skype with his grandchildren while he wintered in the Florida Keys. He also wanted to take photos and email them but had no clue what an attachment was.

      He came to me 3 times a week each winter he was in town…and sat to learn something new while paying my hourly fee. He loved it. And so did I. And so did his grandkids!

      What you know is valuable

      And if you can share it with another…you could be in business! 

      Start thinking now

      • What Am I Good At?

      • What Do I Enjoy Doing?

      • What Could I Do That Is Of Value To Others?

      This business model is NOT limited to children and teachers. This business model is WIDE OPEN. I wasn’t even a great student – much to everyone’s surprise – yet now I can tutor a child in any subject. 

      They simply bring it. I explain it. That’s my gift. 

      So, what’s yours?

      How A Dyslexic Failure In Math
      Can Run A 6-Figure Tutoring Business

      Yes, that was me – a dyslexic failure in math who also couldn’t read until I was nine years old. And comprehension, well that didn’t come until my teen years when I found a trashy, love-story novel and got hooked on reading.

      You see, I never really thought I was smart.

      Growing up, I was not the brightest student, did not pull in straight As and really struggled at times.

      What I did master, everywhere I went, were people skills.

      Young Jill

      I discovered how to befriend teachers, administrators and even my peers. I was well-liked and when you’re well-liked, people bend over backwards to help you. Even teachers.

      I never failed math, but I always felt like a failure in it. 

      And today, I see that sameness in the students I teach. The lack of dreams and vision and belief in themselves. Well, it’s sad and they need someone like me… like you to be their example, their cheerleader, as well as their tutor.

      That’s what makes me a great tutor and someone with a waiting list of students, able to charge top-dollar and earn a 6-Figure+ income.

      Growing up, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. My father ran his own business, showed up in jeans and would kick off his shoes before climbing the stairs to his office. I loved his lifestyle and his ability to go to lunch when he was hungry, not when the clock said it was time. (A child’s view of what was important, for sure!)

      There were downsides too, for he did put in long hours at times. But he was building a business that was his. He was dedicated and prospered where he was planted with a focus and skill I admired. To say I caught the entrepreneurial spirit early on is an understatement!

      Yet, I never felt half as smart as my father. Instead, I was often riddled with fear, doubt and paralyzed by my dyslexia.

      Until I Stepped Into My Passion to Help Children.
      Then And Only Then Did My Whole World Change.

      Jill at FSTS

      I could relate to these children and they could relate to me. I saw the need in them, the frustration in the parents and the overwhelm in the teachers along with the administration.

      Most of my peers were spinning around so fast, going from committee to committee, meeting to meeting, they forgot they were teachers to begin with. 

      Yet, I didn’t. 

      And in never forgetting to put my students first, they followed me when I left teaching and started the Center 4 Learning, my tutoring business. 

      Why do I share this? Simple.

      I’ve developed a proven system over nearly a decade of tutoring that will allow you to quickly identify the greatest need, fill it so well everyone will recommend you and immediately increase, if not double your current income.

      The strategies I discovered are sometimes so SIMPLE they are often overlooked, complicated or thrown out altogether. Yet, these strategies have allowed me to build a 6-figure income on half the hours!

      I’m Looking For 100 Success Stories
      By the End of The Year!

      Karena B, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Karena B, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Kimberly M, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Kimberly M, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Emily G, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Emily G, BIB Rockstar Grad

      Will you be one...?

      A Tutoring Business Blueprint In A Box…

      Would you like to know, step-by-step, how to earn a 6-figure income teaching children or adults something you already know or something they simply need guidance in – like homework help, math or reading?

      What about a step-by-step blueprint for starting a business from nothing

      A business where you simply fill a pressing need in your community that will also allow you to fulfill your own goals and dreams…

      • If you have a desire to help children…

      • If you have a gift with adults who need to learn something to better themselves…

      • If you have a desire to share knowledge but don’t know how…

      • If you are fed-up with the educational system in this country…or in any country…

      • If you are looking for a way to earn a better living yourself…

      • If you are ready to open up your dream-circle and live a life rich in relationships and financial wealth…

      • If you are ready to start your own business, with a helping hand…

      Group Learning

      Then it’s time to join me and learn

      • Step-by-step how to start a 6-figure business doing what you love in less time and with less stress

      • Success strategies for an ever-changing world economy

      • How to obtain your first client and successfully build a referral based business from your own home, automobile or local bookstore/coffee shop

      • Tools to becoming a power of influence in your community

      Happy guy
      • Tricks to helping your clients (students) become self-motivated learners

      • How to speak to parents and clients, ease fears and frustrations, while getting everyone on board

      • The MINDSET that will enable you to reach 6-figures and start living the life of your dreams!

      • And More…


      Imagine easily creating testimonials like these

      And becoming a person of influence
      in your community…
      One people recommend daily…

      Making Learning Fun...

      “Our son was struggling with word pronunciation and certain sounds and was behind his peers in reading. Jill worked diligently with him and made learning fun for him. The progress he made was readily evident and he is doing very well in school.” 

      – Al, Parent

      Lightbulb Moment...

      “I never understood math until one day I overheard you in the bookstore, tutoring one of your students in Algebra, and it clicked. I was just eavesdropping AND I got it! I called my mother that night and told her. I was so excited and I’ve been out of school for twenty-plus years.” 

      – Nan, By-Stander

      Restoring Confidence…

      “My son was so lost before your help, Jill. I could see him becoming less and less confident in all subjects, not just math and it was heartbreaking. He no longer trusted himself. Now, thanks to just a few sessions with you, he’s interested in learning again. He doesn’t feel stupid. I can see the change in him and it brings tears to my eyes. Will be tutoring with you for years to come! Thank you.”

      – Barb, Parent

      The Doors Are Now Open…
      The question is

      Will You Walk Through And Accept A Life That’s All The Things You’ve Only Dared Dream About…?

      Welcome to the
      Center 4 Learning Tutoring
      Business In a Box LIVE Coaching Program!

      If you do step into MASSIVE ACTION and follow your heart, you will receive the following…
      and be on your way to a BIG TIME Success Story!

      C4L Tutoring BIB

      Let’s Take A Look Inside…

      MODULE 1: Defining Your Tutoring Business

      • DISCOVERING THE NEED sets you up for success from DAY ONE

      • BECOMING THE SOLUTION is KEY to your longevity & growth

      • CREATING A VISION to work from empowers you and propels in massive ways

      • UNDERSTANDING YOUR MISSION will change how you show up in your business (and life).

      MODULE 2: Defining Your Market

      • TRAINING THE NEED, your ideal client/students, to come to you.

      • MASTERING THE ART OF FOCUSING your talents & skills in a single area so that you become known as the GO-TO-PERSON.

      • UNDERSTANDING NEEDS & being the solution and able to communicate, with ease, how you can best serve.

      • DISCOVERING 1-on-1 and GROUP TUTORING, plus how grouping students can improve your results while adding to your bottom line.


      MODULE 3: Finding & Registering Your First Client

      • KNOWING WHAT TO SAY to a potential parent/student and closing them every time. 

      • RECRUITING TEACHERS so they send students in need your way.

      • HOW TO BECOME RECOMMENDED like a Rockstar.

      • WHERE TO FIND students you can best serve.

      • EXACT WORDS TO SAY to anyone you meet to get the word out about your services.

      • WHAT NOT TO DO in conversation.

      • WHEN TO SAY NO to a client.

      • SETTING TIME BOUNDARIES with your students and parents.

      • CREATING BUSINESS BOUNDARIES that will set you up for growth and success.


      • THE ART OF THE WAITING LIST which you will have for your services.

      The Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box™ LIVE COACHING Program



      MODULE 4: What to Teach & What To Charge

      Module 4
      • LEARNING WHAT TO TEACH and when to add additional options.

      • WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED and what never to buy.

      • HOW TO TRAIN STUDENTS & parents to bring curriculum need for each appointment.

      • WHAT RESOURCES are best.

      • WHERE NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME and resources.

      • KEEPING YOUR OVERHEAD LOW and avoiding costly errors. 

      • WHEN TO CHARGE HOURLY and when to introduce package rates.

      • USING PACKAGES to train students/parents to be on time.


      • DISCOVER THE FORMS and ready-made-system you can rock straight away.

      MODULE 5: Being A Professional Not A Hobbyist

      Module 5
      • MINDSET TRAINING around moving from employee to entrepreneur (with grace and skill)

      • SIMPLE SYSTEMS to be professional but not add to your workload.

      • THE BIZ OF BEING IN BUSINESS with taxes, licenses, accounts, liability insurance & more.

      • YOUR BRANDING, BIZ NAME, LOGO - What to worry about and what’s a time-money suck!

      • BEING ACCOUNTABLE to your students, parents and their teachers

      • HOW TO TRAIN YOUR STUDENTS to be accountable.

      • INSTILLING A LOVE OF LEARNING in each student

      • BUILDING A BRIDGE between you and local schools, clubs - the community.

      • CREATING A BUSINESS not a job.

      MODULE 6: Building A Business On Referrals

      Module 6
      • HOW TO GET REFERRALS and why they are so important. 

      • CREATE AN ARMY OF RAVING STUDENTS, dedicated parents, and eager supporters (teachers) who talk about you and your services (for free)!

      • BUILDING YOUR BRAND fast and knowing what your brand is and isn’t.

      • HOW TO ADVERTISE FOR FREE and when to spend money.

      • WHY GROWING on a small budget is best.

      • 7 WAYS TO ADVERTISE your business for no money.

      • LEARN HOW TO KEEP TRACK of your successes and how that can bring you to 6-figures.

      • FOLLOW-UP FORMULA for awesome referrals will skyrocket your growth and keep you in people’s minds. 

      • 3 INGREDIENTS NEEDED to build a referral army.

      Plus, Bi-Weekly LIVE Group Laser-Coaching Calls!


      Our Grads Rave About Their Results Inside This Program…


      Selling Packages…Just Wow!

      “…I just sold two packages of tutoring today and that’s more than paid for BIB! Just do it…this works!.” 

      – Gemmi, BIB Grad

      Clear Boundaries are Huge…

      “Jill lives what she teaches and I love that. Her boundaries are clear — 
in BIB and in tutoring. I’m simply modeling what she’s doing and WINNING..”

      – Michael, BIB Grad 

      Having a Vision Allowed Me To Triple My Income

      “Being clear on my vision has helped me so much. 
Parents notice. I’m focused. Enrollment is up. 
I’ve tripled my income. Who knew?! - Ah, Jill did!” 

      – Kathy, BIB Grad

      * The Live Bonus Calls mentioned above are offered in the LIVE version of BIB. The Homeschool version offers previously recorded live calls.

      * BIB Live also includes a Welcome Call that I've been told, is Priceless! The Homeschool version offers this Welcome Call previously recorded and just as fab!

      * You get LIVE access to me bi-weekly for 60+ minutes of on-point instruction, examples and laser-focused coaching to get your Qs answered.

      The Center 4 Learning
      Tutoring Business In a Box™
      LIVE COACHING Program


      Get immediate access to the
      Fast Track Bonus
      When you Join


      I firmly believe this is your time… 

      This is the time for a grassroots movement...

      A movement to empower impassioned people like you...

      And to create positive change in the lives of children in your community and around the globe.

      You are in a very unique position as I am re-introducing The Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In A Box™ LIVE COACHING Program to a very select group of motivated people…

      People who will become one of those 100 Success Stories and will help me spread the Center 4 Learning message and a NEW way to educate around the globe!

      So, there’s no time to delay because once the 100 spots are filled, the doors close. [And in past enrollments, they’ve filled up FAST…]

      So STEP UP into action now for This IS Your Time…


      You Get the Following Bonuses
      When You Take Action Today!


      Bonus 1  

      The Scripts I Use To Close Parents with a 97-99% Closing Ratio

      Knowing just what to say and when is a huge win and this bonus will set you up to succeed right out the gate. If you’re afraid of selling or worried about what to say when you are on the phone with someone interested in your services - this bonus is your pot of gold!

      (Valued at $149)

      BONUS 2

      My Personal LIST of Where To Get Clients

      Knowing where to find clients is a stumbling block this bonus will quickly and repetitively solve. You will never again not know where you can find students… 

      (Valued at $149)

      Jill's List


      BONUS 3

      Form Templates For Your Business

      From Registration Forms, Referral Tracking Forms, 
Thank You Notices, Student Appointment Tracking Forms and more. Basically, the forms that I successfully used and  perfected which will set you up for massive growth. Plus, you won’t waste time making pretty forms - instead of tutoring!

      (Valued at $1,499)

      BONUS 4

      The Flier That Made Me $5000 in One Hour

      Yep, one flyer with the right messaging, placed in the right location can bring in large money - fast.

      Being able to create “free” marketing resources like this - that attract attention will set you up for massive success.

      (Valued at $297)


      Selling Packages

      BONUS 5

      How To Move From Individual Session Payments To Packages 
& Generate QUICK Money

      Quick wins are important when you’re starting out AND when we get in a rut, which happens in life…even your business. 
With this bonus, you will discover how to go from working by the clock to making bank.

      (Valued at $497… this is only shared on personal coaching calls!)

      BONUS 6

      Inside Look At The SYSTEMS I Use Personally To Stay On Task, Organized and As Paperless As Possible! 

      Sometimes it’s helpful to know what those who are successful use to manage their business and that’s why this bonus rocks.

      You get a behind-the-scenes look and over-the-shoulder access to what I use to run, track and maintain my business - simply.

      (Valued at $497)



      BONUS 7


      Get 24/7 access to an always-growing community 
FULL of current students and alumni who are growing their own successful tutoring businesses, asking Qs and sharing WINS.

      (Valued at $997)

      BONUS 8


      Get laser focused help and lightbulb moments about your own tutoring business during our bi-monthly LIVE group coaching calls throughout the program.

      (Valued at $5,000)

      Coaching Calls

      What More of Our BIB Grad Have To Say...

      Emily G

      Overwhelmed To Mission Possible...

      “Prior to BIB, I was completely overwhelmed by too many unrelated fires going on all at once. I had no idea how to run a business and didn’t think I really had anything to offer anyone. 

      Since plugging into the BIB Tutoring program I have been able to take my business and all my past experiences and craft it into a mentoring program. I now have complete clarity in what I am doing and where I am going. 

      After going through the modules I’ve realized that there is so much that I have to offer and I am on mission to help others with their needs.”

      - Emily G, BIB Rockstar Grad


      Being All In...

      “Jill is an amazing teacher and clearly provides steps-by-step methods for me to not only start my business but grow it fast.

      Since starting BIB, not only have a made back my investment I’ve also started to enjoy teaching again.

      After 27 years in the classroom, that’s a big accomplishment! Thanks Jill. I highly recommend BIB. I’m all in.

      - Ed L, BIB Rockstar Grad


      Fully Living Thanks To Jill's BIB Program...

      It feels like my life has been on hold…until now and Jill’s Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box program!”

      - Kathy E, BIB Rockstar Grad

      What’s the Center 4 Learning Tutoring
      Business in a Box
      LIVE Coaching Program Cost?

      Good Question…

      First, This Program is an INVESTMENT….

      And I was advised to charge at least $5,000.

      But today, nope! I’m not going to charge that much…

      I have been told by a millionaire that I would be crazy to charge less than $2,500 for this program.

      But TODAY, I’m feeling a bit crazy. I’m not even going to charge $1,500 and to put it simply… that’s insane! 

      Today, I’m doing something special… because I want your year to be AMAZING!

      I’m pricing this program at LESS than what 20 hours of tutoring can profit you… if you charged $50 per hour. 

      (And I’ve shown BIBers…like Isabel, John and Sarah… how to go from $20 per hour to $50 per hour EASILY… so this is something YOU can do, too!)

      Hello, are you hearing me!?! 

      Depending on where you live and what you will charge for your tutoring services, you could pay for this program by selling ONE TUTORING PACKAGE OF TEN OR NO MORE THAN 20 HOURS!


      That’s Like Getting
      The Center 4 Learning
      Tutoring Business In A Box Program
      for FREE!

      Where else can you start a business, that you own, that will grow for you and pay you monetary rewards while you make a difference in hundreds of lives, for less than a 20 HOUR WORK WEEK?!

      Seriously, to invest in a business usually costs more than $100,000. 

      There are simply very few opportunities that do not require you to put some skin in the game. At the very least $50,000…$30,000 or $10,000. 

      And that’s being conservative! 

      Look friend, I don’t know how much time this is going to take me to get it right, but I am dedicated and determined to make this the absolute best program available to help YOU reach more kids/students/clients, earn 6-Figures (if that’s your goal) and obtain time freedom to be able to enjoy your family, live out your dreams and have more fun! 

      And did I mention that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the C4L Tutoring BIB program? That means all updates, improvements and new course material will be yours – instantly – for life, at no any additional charge! 

      So, if you’re in, we’re in this together and you’re one of the lucky few who will get my personal time and attention the entire way through this program.

      Because look, as my mentor stated, when this goes GLOBAL (and it will), my time won’t be available like it is during this re-introductory year of the Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box™ LIVE COACHING Program. That’s a simple fact. 

      Seriously, I’m not even sure LIVE will be an option when I release this program again! And that’s just me keeping it real…

      But right now, when you ACT, you get me IN YOUR FACE and IN YOUR EAR answering YOUR QUESTIONS LIVE throughout the entire program! And it doesn’t stop there… the goal, if it’s your goal… is 6-FIGURES so you can help even more people

      And here’s one more thing…


      IT’S 100% RISK FREE!

      Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

      If you follow the program as directed, answer all the questions and attend 80% of the Bonus Calls live, yet are not 100% satisfied and do not have your first client before the end of this program, I will personally refund your money.

      The Center 4 Learning Tutoring Business In a Box™ is about creating your SUCCESS STORY. There is absolutely no risk, so there is no excuse!

      ROCKSTAR, Your Time Is Now…

      It’s Time You Answer the NEED.
      The Need That is EVERYWHERE Demanding to be Filled

      If You Join Me Today
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      Where I will introduce you to my SECRET WEAPON for Mindset and Success Strategies, Focus and Entrepreneurial Spirit…  

      My Personal Coach and Mentor…  and you get to access FREE.  

      Plus, start strong with exercises to get your heart pumping,  creative juices flowing and your mind in the right place for great-ness

      These exercises alone are valued at $297 (not including my Secret Weapon who charges more than $2,000 per hour!)



      The Center 4 Learning Business In a Box™ Program is yours right now for the all-time, crazy-low price of just $997.

      And class starts the minute you enroll… which means the doors to BIB will close as soon as we have all the seats full… There are only 100 spots…

      It’s time YOU were the Success Story… along with the children in your community!

      Your Time Is Now…

      Payment Plan

      [4 PAYMENTS OF]

      $297 / monthly

      MODULES 1-6


      -7 FAB BONUSES-



      BIB Full Pay

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      MODULES 1-6


      -7 FAB BONUSES-



      AND SAVE $191

      VIP Coaching




      MODULES 1-6


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      ACCESS Jill’s Fast Track BONUS Immediately Upon Enrolling 

      Plus, Receive SEVEN ADDITIONAL… incredible BONUSES Valued at Over $1500 And You Only Need To Make A Partial Payment Today In Order to Lock In Your Savings & Reserve Your Spot!

      Remember there are only 100 SEATS available and I want you to be one of the Success Stories that will come out this year.

      Look, I Know What It’s Like To Be A Teacher.

      Struggling financially, and that’s why I am determined to keep the cost of BIB down so that it’s affordable. But if you’re wondering right now Can I afford this? I’d like to ask you… How can you not? 

      Where do you want to be a year from now? 

      If stuck, in the same place, then I agree, BIB is not for you. 

      BIB is for those who want a better way. 

      I showed you earlier how you can get BIB absolutely free by selling just ONE tutoring package of 15 to 20 hours… And in BIB I show you how! In fact, most people recoup their BIB INVESTMENT before they even finish the 6 week course!

      This is where you have to make a decision, friend.

      What’s your future worth? 


      Join me inside today… you’re worth it. The choice is yours…