Why You Don't Need a Teaching Degree To Be a Tutor

Do I need to have a teaching degree to be a tutor?

This is a question I am asked all the time.

Short answer, no.

You do not need to be a teacher nor do you need to have a degree, certification or tons of experience to be a great tutor.

(Now that's not to say if you are a teacher you won't make a good tutor, so don't twist this if you in the classroom. Instead, read on to see if you agree.)

Here’s what you do need.

  1. Passion. 
    A passion to help another person, typically a younger individual.

  2. Expertise. 
    An ability to share a subject you either like, love or are so good at you can share it in your sleep. (But there’s also a caveat with this one which I’ll share more on in this article about Being Just Two Steps Ahead of Your Student.)

  3. Grit.
    That something in you that says, “I can do this (my own business thing). I must do this!”

  4. Teach-a-bil-i-ty. 
    You must be teachable and coachable. If you’ve ever run across someone who said “I know” at every turn and wanted to ring their skinny, little neck, you now know the definition for un-teach-able.

(You can insert picture of that person here. Just don't let it ever be you!)

Look, you can start a tutoring business today, if you want. No, seriously. This is exactly what I did… and around all my doubts, fears and misconceived notions of what it meant to be “in business.”

If you have passion, something you are good at and want to share with othersaren’t going to give up the moment someone says “no” and are curious enough to seek out good info, well, then you’re more than halfway into your big boy or big girl business pants.

See, you’re here.

You’re still reading.

Thus, you are teachable.

And I’m doing a happy dance. (I do this a lot. Don’t get uptight about it, simply join me. Nothing better than a 10, 20 or 30-second dance party with yourself or a friend or a student, hello, to clear the cobwebs, bad mood or simply to appreciate the moment.)

That’s me, appreciating this moment and you, for continuing to read on.

See, there are parents desperate for you to start tutoring children or teenagers or even adults in your town, city or providence.

When a parent is desperate to hire a tutor, getting started is easy.

Literally, you can start right now, with no degree or certification if you have five sheets of paper, a marker and some tape.

Or if you fancy computers, are able to type and have a printer, that can do the trick too.

Simply go old school right now and create a flyer.  Learn more about how you can do this in less than an hour for little to no money right here.

I once created a flyer that brought in $5000 in one hour. No joke! A Flyer, folks!

But, back to the topic at hand.

If you are wondering, asking and pondering the need for a degree in order to start tutoring, I want you to take a few minutes and think long and hard on this question:

Are you making an excuse so you don’t have to start?

Hey, remember you are teachable! So, if your hackles went up, that might indicate that the answer is a big, whopping Y.E.S.

If you are good to go and serious about tutoring, you can literally get started as soon as today and start on the path to earn 6-figures, much like I did, minus a lot of those stinkin’ potholes that trip one up along the way.

Maybe you’ve heard my story.

My first student was in math. Algebra. And well, I hated the subject. Yet, I earned $35 per hour helping her. She quickly became a 3- times-per-week appointment and her mom referred me like crazy.


Her daughter, my student, was thrilled, happy and learning.

I share this only because within just a few short months I managed to go from supplementing my income with tutoring, to matching my income, then full-out replacing it.

So, I don’t know about you...

All I know is that you can start tutoring today with no degree, certification or specialization in anything if you have a bit of

  • Passion

  • Some expertise in a subject matter that kids or people need help with

  • Grit or stick-to-it-ness so you won’t give up

  • And the ability to be teachable

Not a lot, friend, and the results of doing so can, quite frankly, change your life.

And if you want help on this journey, learning how to tutor, I’ve created a free, downloadable audio class for you to listen to on binge-speed or at your leisure.

Remember though, the fastest way to RESULTS is to take ACTION. The more action the more results. Now that's a pretty simple equation even I can get behind.

You can access the three free audios on How To Start a Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business right now. 


If you know you want to get started tutoring, share with me your start date below and the subject you have some knowledge in.

Take a moment and let me know why you want to start tutoring.

Your why is what will allow you to rock this out and create a 5 or 6-figure income tutoring, if that’s what you want.

Remember, learn something today you can share with someone tomorrow.

Education Lady | Jill Stevens

Educator. Writer. Life Long Learner. Jill has a passion to help the next generation and improve learning across the board. She’s here to change the world, one mind at a time. Right now she does that through words with purpose and by training up remarkable, rockstar tutors.