Why You Might Dislike Texting and the #Hashtag Life (#youbetrippin)

Warning: A tad bit of adult language within.

Why? Because, on some topic, strong language simply amplifies the point of the funny. (Well, that’s what Jessica said!) Don’t like? Cool. No sweat. We have plenty of other ways to offend you here… kidding!

Enter at your own risk.

I resisted for years.

I refused to be involved in the degradation of the written word.

Not because I’m wordy, though as a writer I guess I kind of am, as a teacher, should be, right?

No, it mattered, because to me words have power. And words are so often misunderstood in their unappreciated form, like via text. Let’s just say that texting seemed prone to misunderstanding or miscommunication amplified, to me.

But rather quickly I was left out of an entire language. It was English but either all caps or used in a manner I simply didn’t get.

I was late to the party. Resisted change. Typical...

I used to hate slang and text messages that took out vowels, I mean seriously Vanna White’s job is in jeopardy. Oh, that’s funny. Sorry, I digress. But get it. Two game shows referenced in one sentence.

But then I realized my distaste of all things slang was becoming more vocal and my inability to leave out vowels and punctuation was hurting my thumbs. (Think angry writing with a pencil and the lead snapping and leaving that mark. Maybe even a tear in the paper. Been there, done that, as a child, angst-filled teen and frustrated semi-adult too many times to count.)

And then I realized, with my vocal judge-y-ness and misplaced anger that I was average.

That I sounded like every other (slightly) aging generation before me, bitching about, not grammar and punctuation and the loss of the English language, although there is that.

No, we’ve all been bitching, since the beginning of time, about evolution.

About change.

Humans fundamentally do not want change.

Hello, my lovely little reptilian brain.

It’s no wonder those creatures have thick, leathery skins and/or hard shells. My reptilian brain seems to have the same primal feature - thick ass skin that keeps out anything that is attempting to endanger its very existence.

And let’s face it. As we get a bit older, change threatens our very existence.

The generation after you and the one after them and the one after, well, it’s surprising that we don’t take them out. Because in their rebellion, they actually threaten what is known to us and, on that level, they threaten our very survival.

In their new way of thinking, being, speaking and changing what is, they threaten the very existence of all that is familiar to the ones who came before.

Holy shit, Sherlock. I think we’re onto something.

So basically, as we abhor change, and it takes us right into our reptilian brain, our need to survive as a species is stronger than our need to stop said change.

And they should be grateful. Mic drop.

But that right there might threaten you! The use of the term “Mic drop” but come on now, it’s funny.

So even as you read this, you may be thinking, I’d wipe her, meaning me, and her abuse of the language out with the little texting/hashtagging suckers!

And I hear ya.

Evolution is shifting the landscape around you and even as I point it out for you, I maybe am also adding to the crazy for you. And I’m sorry. Just know that the anger and frustration, while you, is not you - it’s your primary brain kicking in. And it’s totally natural.

So while you won’t wipe me off the face of the earth, perhaps, together, we also don’t wipe out the little suckers that come after us.

The ones that hold our language (or insert whatever is changing and shifting between your feet that is driving you batty) in the palm of their sweaty little hands and twisting it, turning it, and all but mutilating it. Instead, we will continue to do what generations before us have done... complain loudly about it all.

And guess what, friend? That just eggs them on.

That just stresses you out.

That just raises your blood pressure.

That just saps your joy.

So take five and go find out more about your reptilian brain and how to rewire it to serve you.

And while you’re at it, heart this post below, share it if you feel it’s worth it, leave a comment below and keep the conversation going.

Then see the effects worry, stress and negativity have on your ability to learn, grow and, hello, keep up with the little shits turning fear of missing out into FOMO.



Learn something today that you can share with someone tomorrow.

PS - I refused the #hashtag world but then Jessica introduced me to this video. I just couldn’t resist finding the FUN in it, and letting go of the anger that came with thinking, oh no you won’t talk in social media language to me. You’ve ruined punctuation already!

SIDEBAR: Can’t see the video, check it out here but don’t go down the rabbit hole of video after video! Plleeeeasse coooommmmme baaaaccckkkkk!

But there is a clause here. My proverbial line in the sand.

Hand in a paper with a LOMA or LOL or TMI or no periods and a #hashtag and I will whoop your ass all the way to your mommy and daddy’s house, even if you're my adult student!

Oh and if your dad’s a lawyer and you think that’s grounds to sue me, think again.

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