What To Say to a Parent Who Calls About Your Tutoring Services

So, you’re building up a tutoring business.


You’ve gotten the courage to start sharing with people that this is what you do. And you’re excited.


Maybe you listened to my free 3-Part Audio Class on How To Start a Successful & Profitable Tutoring Business and put some of those tools to use.

You didn’t?!


Get on it. It’s free!

Let’s say a parent heard that you tutor, calls you and gets your voicemail. She leaves a message.



If you feel the need to freak out and think, “OMG, I have to call her back! What in the world do I say?!”

Or maybe your freakout goes even further into what if she says no?

I get it. Been there. Done that. Have a solution.

This is the scary power of our hamster wheel of a mind.

And today, I want to offer you something special.

What if I could literally put the words right into your mouth?

What if you had the words I use to close parents on tutoring 99.9% of the time?

Would that fill you with relief?

Would that flood you with a sense of calm?

Would that give you a needed boost of courage?

Would you drop to your knees and present gifts…?

Okay, I’m kidding on the last one...

But seriously, having the exact language to use, knowing when to say what and how to get that first, third, tenth student enrolled...

Would that be worth something to you?

Would that be helpful?

I’ve been told yes, so today I want to give you my words, exactly how I say them, with pauses and all, which have literally closed thousands of parents, filled my tutoring center and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years…

And helped me serve hundreds upon hundreds of children in a way that continues to benefit them even to this day.

See, tutoring has long-range effects.

Tutoring is powerful.

You may have read or seen the slogan I often use - Changing the World. One Mind at a Time.

You have that opportunity, that gift, that power.

Step into it now.

You can access my exact language in the form of a script that will allow you to answer the phone or return a missed call and also begin to close parents each and every time.

Simply enter your name and email address, download your PDF script, print it out, practice it a few times (in front of a mirror helps), alone or to your pet and then try it out on a living, breathing human.

Remember, they are calling you.

Remember, they are seeking you out.

Remember, they need you.

There is nothing to fear. With my words, your smile and a tad of confidence (that will soon bloom and grow once you get your first student, and another, then another) you will be helping to Change the World, too. One Mind at a Time.

Rock on!


PS - You can access my script right here.

And when you’re ready to get off that hamster wheel in your mind, consider enrolling in 52 Life Lessons. It might just help you quiet your thoughts, provide a tad more peace and allow you to skyrocket your results in every area of your life!

Education Lady | Jill Stevens

Educator. Writer. Life Long Learner. Jill has a passion to help the next generation and improve learning across the board. She’s here to change the world, one mind at a time. Right now she does that through words with purpose and by training up remarkable, rockstar tutors.