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Dear Addicted To Facebook


Dear Addicted To Facebook

Dear Education Lady, Help, I’m addicted to Facebook. How much time is too much time on Facebook? Dear Addicted To Facebook, If you are asking the question “How do I know when I spend too much time on Facebook?” Then the simple answer, which you already know deep within, is ...
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When It Feels Like No One’s Listening… I am… This was one of the things that I’ve been told made me a great teacher in and out of the classroom. I listen. Elena, an amazing 18-year old I once worked with, told me that most adults don’t even see her,...
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Dear Clever Sally - Sarcastic Math Teacher

Dear Education Lady, My math teacher keeps making sarcastic comments towards me. How should I deal with this? She asked everyone if they understood then singled me out and said “Sally, do you get it? Because you’re so clever.” Dear Clever Sally, It’s funny how sometimes...
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