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When It Feels Like No One’s Listening… I am… This was one of the things that I’ve been told made me a great teacher in and out of the classroom. I listen. Elena, an amazing 18-year old I once worked with, told me that most adults don’t even see her,...
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How To Make Quick Decisions And Why It's Important To Our Happiness

Why Teaching Kids How To Make Quick Decisions Is Important To Their Happiness And Not Just Their Future Success I just made a quick decision. Throw your hands up in the air, wave ‘em like you just don’t care. Yes, I’m celebrating. Why? I never learned how to make quick...
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Productivity Hacks All Students Should Be Taught (Regardless of Age)

Today’s article is going to be short and sweet, yet full of actionable items you can take as you need to use yourself, with your child or in your classroom - or, in your tutoring session. Love me some multi-purpose writing. It’s good for ALL MANKIND… echo echo echo. Okay, now...
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My Very First Tutoring Job Was In My Worst Subject Area... A Subject I Had *Gasp* Failed!

My first paid tutoring session was in my most dreaded subject...math. And I was scared to death. See, I had failed math my entire life AND was about to get paid to teach a high school student my worst possible subject. I wasn't a math teacher. I was barely a certified English teacher. I hadn't...
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